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Based on 714 reviews

Better the advertisements great flavor amazingly spicy


The best

My favorite ketchup! Way richer and less acidic than store junk.

Delicious Products!

Love the spicy ketchup... looking forward to trying more products from this great company. Only place I ever came across this ketchup was Lake Placid Pub and Brewery. I knew I had to order some for myself!

Mix pak

Discovered your product here in Cedarburg at local restaurant & then ordered for brother for. Xmas cause he was si crazy about it


Our favorite ketchup. The spicy one is amazing!

Great Gift

I’m giving the Spicy Mustard as a gift for a friend. She loves your brand of mustard so I know she will be pleased when she opens the gift bag.

I’m a huge fan of your regular ketchup. It’s great on Metts and fries. There’s no other ketchup that comes close to 78 Brand.

Best Ketchup Ever Tasted!

I have enjoyed a lot of ketchup in my lifetime but one evening at a restaurant I tried the 78 Brand and was hooked! I love the Spicy brand !! Will keep it in my pantry!!


Best ketchup ever!

Only ketchup I will use, great flavor.

Best Ketchup

I was introduced to the 78 brand ketchup a few years back and it is the only ketchup I use or would consider using.

Great product


Great robust tomato flavor.

This is some of the best ketchup I have ever had

I enjoy the ketchup and mustard and it is gluten free.

...10 days later, still no delivery...

I'm glad I wasn't in any big hurry, although I like this mustard. It allegedly shipped 10 days ago...its out for delivery...but when? Not like it was free shipping, I actually paid for shipping - pretty lame shipping...

We are sending all packages via USPS. USPS has a lot of storage and fills gaps in passenger flights with packages when going to different US region sorting centers, which causes a bottleneck (During Christmas last year with the compounding weather issues, we were seeing delays of up to 2 weeks). Its been about 3 years now and the delays are 4/10 on packages going through there and mostly around heavy travel holidays due to less available transit space. We are sorry but we have no power over USPS delivery.

I will when I receive it

It hasn't arrived yet

Best Ever

We have tried many different brands and this is by far the best

Good Stuff

Great taste


Best ketchup I have ever eaten, will never use another in my house!!


78 is the best musterd and the ketchup i have ever had keep up the great work.

The Van Halen of condiments

Whether you want the swagger and circus or a consistent reliability of a product, 78 Brand ketchup and mustard are the rock and roll condiments your food needs.
The ketchup is thick, never watery, and is a full falvor of tomato and a hint of sweetness. This is a full thick red ketchup.
The mustard is a blast of yellow goodness, tasting nothing like the watered down mustards your are used to. This craft mustard has a rich flavor that doesn't overpower the flavor of your dish, but adds to it in every way.
The spicy ketchup and spicy mustard turn the flavors up to 11. Not too hot, just enough so you will know that this is the ketchup and mustard that never sells you out. Full flavor, great customer service, this is just what the Dr. Ordered.

Great product

I had previously ordered your Ketchup and Mustard via Amazon and loved the product. We have a lake cabin and we go through a ton of ketchup and mustard. I pulled out my 78 Brand Ketchup and Mustard and everyone just loved the product and was disappointed when I ran out. But could no longer find it on Amazon and when I did, Amazon was asking for $14 per bottle of Mustard and $9 per bottle of Ketchup (a bit too spendy).

I researched alternatives to purchase your product and found the best price was directly from 78 Brand online store, which averaged $6.50 a bottle

We quickly ran out of my 78 Brand supplies and I was able to find your online store, which I have shared and continue to share. It’s amazing how much more folks like 78 Brand over Heinz.

Also, loved the gift of several single packets I received. I gave some to a local restaurant to try out.

I will absolutely will keep 78 Brand Ketchup and Mustard in my supply cabinet.

Like Heinz used to be..

Best tasting Ketchup made

Love this Ketchup

First tasted this in a micro brewery with lunch. I knew I had to have it in my pantry.It has spice but also tons of flavor, and the best ingredients.

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