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Based on 733 reviews

I love all of the flavors! We're going to have cookout just to show off our 78 Brand!

Best ketchup ever

The first time I saw it, I was surprised by how dark red it was. Intense flavor. I’ll never go back to Heinz.

78 Red is Awesome!

Had this at Harry Caray's restaurant in Chicago when I was there in '15 and it was awesome, been ordering it periodically ever since

Delicious products!

My family and friends love the spicy ketchup! Just tastes so fresh we will never use Heinz again!!

Great ketchup

We originally tried the ketchup in a restaurant, and asked them about it, loved the taste.


Excellent and prompt response on tickets. Superb customer service.

Brand 78

I tried the Spicy Ketchup at the Cape Vincent Brewery, it was outstanding. I ordered some Spicy Ketchup and Spicy Mustard for myself. The Spicy Mustard is just as good, not as spicy as the ketchup but equally as flavorful.

Displacing my former favorite

It is the best ketchup I've eaten. Thick, tomato-y, and the right amount of spices.

Just right!

Not too spicy but enough to give that little bit of kick!

Best Mustard Ever

I'll be ordering more, for friends and myself.

Some Damn Good Ketchup

Never thought I'd be several drinks in, in a bar 3 states away from home, eating some fries and just thinking "Wow, that's some damn good ketchup." Good enough that when I got back home and had some of the bright red goop that shall not be named, I remembered what I could of the bottle, tracked it down, and ordered both varieties. Ridiculously good. Makes it hard to use anything else if I want some ketchup on something.

Yes, it’s spicy.

I hate spicy ketchup. But my wife loves spicy ketchup. She says it’s amazing. She has good taste in spice, so I trust her.

Ketchup and Spucy Mustard

Excellent products. Best on the Market!👍🏼

Best Damn Ketchup

I discovered 78 Brand at a local restaurant a few years ago. I used to buy it from the restaurant but due to Covid the only place I could find it was online. I never thought I’d be a person to get ketchup and mustard online, but it’s worth it.

My new favorite ketchup

This is not my new favorite ketchup. For years and years I only would buy one brand. Not any more. This is the new gold standard.

Excellent Red

78 is the only brand for us. We have been spoiled by stellar flavor s and top notch customer service. We have recommended 78 to many, and we were grateful to buy direct when our local grocer stopped carrying it.

78 Ketchup

Our new favorite Ketchup! Flavorful, rich taste!


Have been using this ketchup for a few years after I discovered that most of the main brand ketchup are full of non-essential fillers. Our family loves this brand. Neighborhood kids call it the BBQ ketchup because it's so thick. Great ingredients and Wonderful company!

Thank you for taking the time of giving us a review. We promise to deliver and match your expectations in the future.

Nice addition

This is a nice addition to my condiments shelf.

It was great to get a five-star review from a valued customer like you. This will be instrumental in the growth of our business.


Better the advertisements great flavor amazingly spicy

We would like to send you our heartfelt thanks and regards for taking out the time from your busy schedule and reviewing us. Thanks!


The best

My favorite ketchup! Way richer and less acidic than store junk.

Delicious Products!

Love the spicy ketchup... looking forward to trying more products from this great company. Only place I ever came across this ketchup was Lake Placid Pub and Brewery. I knew I had to order some for myself!

Getting positive feedback from the people we serve is always a joy. Your review has been very inspiring. Please visit us again allow us the opportunity to serve you better the next time.

Mix pak

Discovered your product here in Cedarburg at local restaurant & then ordered for brother for. Xmas cause he was si crazy about it


Our favorite ketchup. The spicy one is amazing!

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